Gerry's electric mandolins have plenty of punch and sustain and are ideal for mandolinists who want their notes to sing loud and clear above the other instruments in rock, jazz and blues bands. These handmade 4 string electric solid body mandolins are constructed along the lines of some of the great '4 strings' that were made in the 50's. They feature nickel plated hardware; a fully adjustable, compensated bridge for precise intonation and action adjustment. The pickup is a Lace Sensor (silver) which has plenty of punch, with a rich, warm sound, great sustain and low noise. Play it straight through a good clean-sounding amp for mandolin work in a kickin' country band, or run it through effect pedals for swing, blues, rock, and jazz. The 4 string stays in tune better and sounds better than an 8 string at the high volume needed to cut above drums in any kind of band. A 4 string mandolin also allows the musician to explore string bending techniques not afforded by the common 8-string acoustic mandolins. With a 13 7/8 inch scale and a mahogany, steel-reinforced neck shaped like those necks on the great F-5 acoustic mandolins, it is easy for an acoustic player to pick this instrument up and quickly get used to playing it.

This mandolin is made of mahogany with a flamed maple top.




This mandolin was made from a solid piece of Brazilian rosewood.


This is a picture of Gerry's electric slide mandola!